St Angela of the Cross is proud to be a registered member of Cancer Council Victoria’s SunSmart Program.

We aim to protect children and staff by reducing their UV exposure. We recognise that over exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation presents a serious health risk and a determining factor in future skin damage.

We strive to continually educate our community on sun protection safety and SunSmart behaviours are regularly reinforced and promoted.


SunSquirt Lite

We are pleased to announce that we now have a SunSquirt Lite machine to help us on our SunSmart mission.

The sunsquirt machine dispenses single measures of the highest quality, specially-engineered SPF50+ Ultra Cancer Council sunscreen. SunSquirt is the only solution officially partnered with the Cancer Council Australia. 

Young skin is particularly vulnerable to the effects of the harsh Australian sunshine, and Sunsquirt kiosk is the perfect way to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the safety of our community and our SunSmart Program.


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