Enrolment Information

St Angela of the Cross is a Catholic Primary School for children from Foundation (Prep) to Grade 6. Enrolment applications can be placed at any time throughout the year and can be accessed via the website or by picking up an enrolment pack through the school office.

School tours can be made by appointment by contacting the school office. Before acceptance of any enrolment parents are required have an interview with the Principal.

While we will endeavour to place all applicants, the following selection criteria shall apply, in the event that there are more applicants than places available:

  1. Siblings of current students.
  2. Baptized Catholic children living within the Parish.
  3. Catholic children from non-Catholic schools whose residential address is in the parish.
  4. Catholic children who reside in other parishes and who have not gained enrolment in their local parish.
  5. Children from families who belong to any Orthodox Church.
  6. Christian children of other denominations whose parents demonstrate a positive commitment to the Catholic ethos.
  7. Children whose parents desire and are committed to a Catholic Education for their children.

Enrolment enquiries

Enquire about enrolling your child at St Angela of the Cross Catholic Primary School in Warragul by emailing hello@stangelawarragul.catholic.edu.au

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